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S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments, Huntington Long Island, New York
Custom designed and built acoustic, electric, and resophonic guitars.

All S.B MacDonald custom made guitars are designed around each player's needs, and are built to order. This process creates a unique instrument that fits the artist's personality, body, voice and spirit. These individually crafted handmade instruments are designed to enhance the performance and potential of each owner. By definition, "custom guitar" means a guitar that is created exclusively for you, the artist.

Guitar repair services for steel string acoustic, electric, classical, archtop, and resophonic guitars. Historically accurate vintage guitar restoration is also performed. Also offered are services for other fretted instruments including ukulele, mandolin, banjo, lap steel, Weissenborn and other Hawaiian guitars.

Authorized Martin guitar repair Authorized Taylor guitar repairs Authorized Gibson guitar repair

S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments is a factory authorized warranty center for Martin Guitars, Taylor Guitars, and Gibson Guitars. Guitar repair services are also offered on all brands including Fender, Ovation, Gretsch, Guild, Larrivee, Dobro, National, Tacoma, G&L, PRS, Hofner, and others. The 4-zone climate controlled workshop is located in Huntington Long Island, NY. Clients range from the USA, England, Canada, Italy, Japan, Nova Scotia, Wales, South Africa, Australia, Korea, France, the Bahamas, and Singapore.

The shop has been in business in the same location for 24 years. All e-mails are answered, and advice to guitar owners is gladly offered. Please feel free to browse and enjoy this site!

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