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Tone-port acoustic
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SBM TonePort Acoustic MP3s
performed by Gerry McKeveny, recorded flat with Neumann Microphone, no signal processing or effects

Walnut & Cedar Jumbo
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Walnut & Cedar Jumbo MP3s
 All My Life
written and performed by Bill Mehan

Koa Electric
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SBM Koa Electric MP3s
performed by Gerry McKeveny, recorded with Neumann Microphone in front of a Peavy Classic 30 tube amp no effects, just different positions on the 3-way switch.

Figured walnut uke
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Figured walnut ukulele MP3s
performed by SB MacDonald

Resonator Electric
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SBM Resonator Electric MP3s
 Jitterbug Swing
performed by Little Toby Walker and Kerry Kearny for The Blues Show WUSB-FM

 Mr. Moyssi's Gumbo performed by Bob Westcott

 neck pickup
 cone pickup
 both pickups
performed by SB MacDonald




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Watch the commercial for Lincoln Motors, shot by Time Inc, featuring Scott as a designer and builder.

Lucinda Williams on SNL
See Lucinda Williams on NBC's Saturday Night Live playing this guitar.
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Lucinda Williams' guitarist John Jackson on Austin City Limits John Jackson on Austic City Limits performing "Lake Charles" (from Lucinda William’s Live from Austin TX DVD)
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A short film made by New York Newsday